About Us

We are a team of Anime and Manga otaku that have started this business after finding it hard to find cheap and high quality anime themed apparel online. 

Even on "ground-zero" in Akihabara, we had found it difficult to find products of newly released designs of recent anime. As an otaku, that is seriously unreasonable and cannot be accepted. (!!!)

If you are like us, you may have also found it frustrating that designs of apparel of popular and latest /ongoing anime series are often slow to retail online and in physical stores.

That is why we created Otaku Hoodie, to serve people fans of anime and manga worldwide. Currently, we are only stocking apparel, such as printed hoodies and t-shirts, but we take feedback and suggestions seriously, so please do contact us if you wish to see certain products being offered!

If you wish to see apparel of certain anime/manga series being offered, please do contact us  as well! We will even offer you a special discount for taking the time and trouble to provide feedback, because we take our anime fans seriously.

We seek to protect the interests of all otaku worldwide, by pricing our products as competitively as possible. (Seriously, are we even making profits? I'm not sure.)